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Fully Licensed HVAC Contractors

Air Breeze Air Conditioning, Inc. is known to be one of the leaders in HVAC mechanical contracting.  It is an on going endeavor to fulfill all of our customer's mechanical needs and to perform this in the most economical way.  Our company has the latest state of the art equipment and a highly trained team of technicians who provide the quality and dedication that our customers deserve.  Because of technical advances, on going education is the way of life for our team at Air Breeze Air Conditioning, Inc. to ensure that we can always deliver the highest quality of service to our customers.

From the simplest repair to the largest installation, they are all handled with the highest level of dedication and quality workmanship.  Installations and repair that we perform, regardless of the size and complicity, are conducted in accordance with local building and environmental codes.Some of our HVAC contracting services that we are called upon from time to time are:

  • Package Units: Heat pumps, Console units, Rooftops, Air handlers, Electro-hydraulic units, VAV self contained units, Chillers (reciprocating), Direct replacement tube bundles.

  • HVAC Coils: Chill water, Hot water, Steam, Non-freeze and direct expansion coils, Convector coils, ARI certified Section 410, On-site coil cleaning, Drain pan fabrication, Sheet metal fabrication.

  • Fans: Built-ups, package, centrifugal, axial, propeller, VAV, dynamic balancing, Bearing and shaft rebuilds, VAV damper installation, Air balancing variable speed drives, Electronic fan assembly diagnostics, Coil replacement and repair.

  • Heat Exchangers: Shell and tube heat exchangers, Direct replacement tube bundles, ASME certified pressure vessels, On-site or in-house repair and retune, Tank erection.

  • Pipe Replacement: Copper, Black, Galvanized, Stainless steal and no hub (braised, sweat, welded and victaulic).

  • Valve Replacement: All makes, types and sizes

  • Accurate problem diagnosis and recommendations



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Payment Options

Attractive and Flexible

Air Breeze Air Conditioning, Inc. provides very attractive payment options. We accept major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cash, Checks. And also GE Financing Available.